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Camerawork and Editing

Self Paced


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About this Course

Our Camerawork and Editing course has been developed to provide you with all the information you need to produce dynamic and engaging stories for your audience. 

We will cover a wide range of topics related to shooting and editing with in-depth looks at key parts of the process including sequences, interviews, stand ups and Adobe Premiere Pro & Final Cut Pro 

You will find plenty of practical tips and advice throughout the course which has been designed to help you take your shooting and editing to the next level.


Course Duration

 4-6 hours approx


Who is this course for?

The more the you know about the entire production process, the more effective you will be as a team member. So if you are a reporter, producer, director or manager, then this course is for you too! (This course isn't just for shooters and editors!)

If you have years or experience or still starting out in your career, you will find useful tips and advice irrespective of your experience level.

If you need a refresher on the basics first, why not enrol on our Professional Production Checklist first? Available in Arabic, English, French and Russian.


Course Outline:

1.0 – Camerawork

1.1 – Introduction

1.2 – Professional Production Checklist

1.3 – Preparation, preparation, preparation!

1.4 – Shooting Techniques

1.5 – General Visuals

1.6 – Sequences

1.7 – Standups

1.8 – Interviews

1.9 – Natural Sound

1.10 – Mojo

1.11 – Have a backup plan!

1.12 – Quiz

1.13 – Summary


2.0 – Editing

2.1 – Introduction

2.2 – Preparation, preparation, preparation!

2.3 – Visual storytelling

2.4 – Edit prep

2.5 – Edit like a pro

2.6 – Working with Video 

2.7 – Working with Audio

2.8 – Subtitles

2.9 – Social Media

2.10 – Exporting and Backup

2.11 – Quiz

2.12 – Summary

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Camerawork and Editing


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