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    Anna Vissens
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Digital Media: Audience Engagement

Self paced


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This course includes practical advice and guidance for digital media managers on how to develop methodology to analyse web-site and social media metrics to grow on-site and off-site audiences.


Course Duration: 6 hours approx. 



About this course

Meet the instructor

Who are you?


1.0 - Defining engagement

1.1 Introduction

1.2 What is audience engagement?

1.3 How can we measure engagement?

1.4 Case study: choosing the metric

1.5 How to introduce data culture to your team

1.6 Case study: empowered by data

1.7 Quiz - Knowledge check


2.0 - Deep Dives

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Asking good question

2.3 Identifying growth opportunities

2.4 Case study: subscription campaign

2.5 Diving deeper

2.6 - Case study: finding new audiences

2.7 Quiz - Knowledge check


3.0 - Growth hacking experiments

3.1 Introduction

3.2 In search of meaningful metrics

3.3 Run your website as a lab

3.4 Case study: experiments non-stop

3.5 A/B testing

3.6 Case study: agile approach to new consumption habits 

3.7 Quiz - Knowledge check


4.0 - Wrap-up

4.1 Case study: in search of the sweet spot

4.2 Further reading & audience optimisation tools

4.3 Closing notes



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Digital Media: Audience Engagement


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