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Maximising Revenue in Print and Online News Media


Print Media|Online Media|News|Revenue Sources|Advertising|Subscription|Paid Content|Media Management|Strategy

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This course focuses on the main sources of revenue for print and online news media operations. Its aim is to ensure that participants have a basic knowledge of those sources and understand their workings and business logic. Special emphasis is put on the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of revenue. The course is aimed at mid-level and senior editorial and publishing managers. The Course is self-paced and is broken down into the following Modules:


Course Introduction

• Welcome to the Course (Video + Script)

• Poll


Module 1 Print Revenue: Advertising and Sold Circulation 

• Introduction (Video + Script)

• Advertising: Classifieds, Display Ads, Inserts

• High-impact Advertising Formats in Print (Video + Script)

• Circulation Revenue: Subscriptions and Newsstand Sales


Module 2 Print Revenue: Brand Diversification 

• Introduction (Video + Script)

• Supplements and Sub-brands 

• Events

• Educational Projects

• Book Publishing

• Client Publishing


• Module 1 and 2 Final Quiz


Module 3 Online Revenue: Advertising

• Introduction (Video + Script)

• Display Ads (Banners)

• High-impact Banner Formats (Video + Script)

• Programmatic Ads and RTB, 

• Mobile Ads

• Video Ads

• Sponsored Content (Native Advertising)


Module 4 Online Revenue: Paid Content 

• Introduction (Video + Script)

• Paywalls 

• Freemium

• Examples and Implementation

• Subscriptions, Memberships and Donations


• Module 3 and 4 Final Quiz


Course Wrap Up 

• Wrap up Quiz

• Further Reading

• Closing notes (Video + Script)

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Maximising Revenue in Print and Online News Media


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