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  • Term:  Spring 2017

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    Simon Hustings
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Professional Production Checklist

Spring 2017

Video Production|Broadcast Training

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    Simon Hustings
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    Thomson Foundation


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Course Duration: 4-6 hours approximately.


The aim of this course is to ensure that participants have a basic working knowledge of video theory and broadcast production equipment and that they understand the minimal technical requirements for Open Media Hub productions.

The Course is self paced and is broken down into the following Modules:


- Course Introduction

- Poll


Module 1 Video Essentials 

- Introduction

- Frame Size & Aspect Ratio, Interlaced, Progressive and Frame Rate, Bitrate & Colour Sampling, Video Formats, 

- Module 1 Final Quiz

- Summary


Module 2 Camera Essentials 

- Introduction

- Iris, Depth of Field, Focus, White Balance, Zoom, Shutter, Gain, Viewfinder/LCD Screen, Additional Features

- Module 2 Final Quiz

- Summary/Camera Checklist


Module 3 Essential Accessories 

- Introduction

- Sound, Lighting, Camera Support, Personal/Production Wellbeing

- Module 3 Final Quiz

- Summary + Accessory Checklist


Module 4 Content Delivery 

- Introduction

- Audio splitting, Compression, Supporting Documents, Upload using BOX

- Module 4 Final Quiz

- Summary


Course Wrap Up 

- Wrap up Quiz

- Summary 

- Further Reading

- Survey


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