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Refining the Edit

Self paced

Video Editing|Post Production|Animation|Colour Correction|Audio

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What happens when you have a great interview but the camera focus is a little bit soft or it’s over exposed? Or you have some fantastic natural sound but there is far too much background noise for it to be usable? 

We’ve all faced these types of issues at some point and although many of these issues are not completely fixable, the challenge is to mitigate them in the appropriate way, without it taking too long or being too complex a process. Why do we focus on fixing these issues? Subtle or not, every single audio and video problem is one more point of friction between you and your audience. One more barrier in the way of you telling your story in a dynamic and engaging way.


This course has been designed with one aim in mind: To provide you with the knowledge and tools to minimise some of these video and audio problems in a (mostly!) easy and efficient manner.


Throughout the course I’ll be sharing tips and tricks with you for Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro. If you use a different editing app, I wouldn’t worry too much as the core principles will remain the same, maybe the tools and menu options may be named slightly differently, but there is still plenty of useful information in this course for you as well.

Along the way your knowledge will be tested with some quick fire questions and keep an eye out for our OMH Tips which will be scattered throughout the course which will be focusing on branding, graphics, animation and typography.


I highly recommend that before you enrol on this course, you complete the OPEN Media Hub Professional Production Checklist and Camerawork & Editing courses to ensure you have the appropriate knowledge to complete this course. You can find these courses in the Course Catalogue in the menu at the top of the page.


Course duration: 6 hours approx. 

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Refining the Edit


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