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    Dr Marat Terterov
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Reporting on Energy

Self paced

Energy supply sources|Energy security|Energy regulation|Supply routes and pipelines to the EU

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This course provides a thorough introduction to the key areas relating to the field of energy. It aims to provide the participant with a strong understanding of the basic types of energy sources, including fossil-based energy such as oil, gas and coal. It also addresses renewable energy and nuclear, as well as delving into the concept of transition towards a low-carbon economy. The course then takes the participant through the topic of energy security, with special attention given to EU energy security objectives such as diversification of the energy supply, decarbonisation and energy efficiency. It then addresses energy regulation, before providing a firm overview of prevailing energy supply routes and pipelines connecting the EU to supplier countries. 


Course Introduction 

    • Welcome Video Introducing the Course
    • Meet the Instructor

Module 1: Energy Supply Sources 

    • Video introduction 
    • Fossil fuels 
    • Renewable energy sources 
    • Nuclear 
    • Quiz 

Module 2: Introducing Energy Security 

    • Video introduction 
    • Explaining why energy is important 
    • How the debate on energy security is played out in practice 
    • Understanding energy security 
    • EU energy security aims and objectives 
    • Quiz

Module 3: Regulation of Energy 

  • Video introduction 
  • How is energy regulated – some different models of regulation 
  • Energy market regulation in the EU 
  • The role of the EU in cross border energy regulation and cooperation 
  • Some words on energy regulation beyond the EU 
  • Quiz 

Module 4: Supply Routes and Pipelines to the EU 

    • Video introduction 
    • An introduction to the existing oil and gas corridors to the EU 
    • Focusing on new gas supply routes 
    • Pipelines Vs pipedreams 
    • Quiz

Course Wrap Up 

    • Final quiz 
    • Wrap up video 

Course Duration: 4 hours approx

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Reporting on Energy


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