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Reporting on EU Foreign Policy

Self paced

European Union|Foreign policy

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A deeper look at the EU institutions and how they shape EU foreign policy, especially the European Neighbourhood Policy The course will give you tips and tricks on how to cover EU foreign policy in the best possible way. After a quick introduction, there will be a chapter on the Council, followed by the Commission and finally the European Parliament. In those, there will be explanation about how they work when making foreign policy and how you best cover them.


Course outline:


  • About this Course
  • Meet the Instructor

Module 1 the Council

  • Section 1.1: Introduction
  • Section 1.2: The Foreign affairs council
  • Section 1.3: The perm reps & the rotating presidency 
  • Section 1.4: The Summits and the President 

Module 2: the European Commission 

  • Section 2.1: introduction
  • Section 2.2: The midday briefing
  • Section 2.3: The foreign policy spokesperson 
  • Section 2.4: The High Rep & the neighbourhood Commissioner
  • Section 2.5: EEAS

Module 3 the European Parliament 

  • Section 3.1: introduction 
  • Section 3.2:  A little warning 
  • Section 3.3: General Committee work
  • Section 3.4: the foreign affairs committee, rapporteurs & delegations 
  • Section 3.5: the political groups
  • Section 3.6: the president & the conference of presidents 
  • Section 3.7: the plenary 

Course Wrap Up

  • Final Quiz
  • Summary and reading tips 
  • We want to hear from you!


Course Duration: 15-20 hours approx

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Reporting on EU Foreign Policy


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